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Mobile device screens are small. How can I add more UI buttons?

The Look S-Pen AirButton feature is the answer to reduce UI button clutter on mobile devices

Organize your buttons into functional groups. Initially display only one UI button for each group.  With Look S-Pen AirButton functionality, the user hovers over a group button and all of the buttons in the group are intelligently displayed (in both portrait and landscape device modes).

Enhanced UI buttons that automatically expand, present user options, and collapse.

Look S-Pen Text and Image AirButtons

  • Before displaying AirButton options, users can tap a collapsed AirButton-enhanced view (such as a UI button) to initiate its normal action.
  • Users hover their S-Pen over an AirButton-enhanced view (such as a UI button or field) to see additional AirButton options (such as a list of recent contacts).
  • After the user taps an AirButton option, your app is notified of the user selection and can take appropriate action (such as populating pertinent fields with related data).
  • Your app controls the AirButton-enhanced iews, AirButton content (static or dynamically populated), and the results of user selections.
  • AirButton manages presenting the AirButton options, getting the user selection, and notifying your app of user selections.


For more details, see Integrating AirButton

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