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Samsung Developer Program

How to enhance my Android app's UX on Samsung devices

App promotion in local languages and Samsung SDK features (including: graphic presentation, audio playback and recording, input, and user management) can greatly improve your apps' UX

The following Samsung SDK functionality can fit right in to your Android app and expand your users' horizons.




Market Your Apps to Global Customers in their Own Language 

Enable your customers (based on their location) to:

  • See your app promotion pages and listings in their native language.
  • Communicate with you in their native language.

For details, see App Promotion in Multiple Languages.





Sell In-App Items

Enables your free and paid Galaxy device apps to offer paid in-app items.

For more details, programming guides, and API references, see In-App Purchase Items.




Enable Handwriting Input and Graphics

Enables your Galaxy device apps to provide your users with:

  • Handwritten input (using fingers, Samsung S-Pens, other virtual pens, and real pens and styluses) that enables users to feel as if they are writing on a notepad
  • Advanced editing features
  • Shape recognition and editing
  • Handwriting-to-text conversion

For SDK download, release notes, programming guides and API references (light and full versions), sample apps, and more, see the Pen website (



Samsung Camera SDK

Enhance Photo Management

Enables your Galaxy device enhanced camera-based apps to provide your users with state-of-the-art features, such as control-based hardware, convenient smart modes, various real-time filters, and fast processing of large images.

For SDK download, release notes, programming guide, API reference, and more, see the Camera website (