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Samsung Developer Program

Where in the world can I market my apps?

You can distribute your apps in up to 185 countries, depending on the following factors:

  • Your type of app:
    • Samsung has agreements with countries for the Galaxy Apps store (Android, Galaxy Watch, and Stickers apps) that slightly differ from the agreements with countries for the Samsung Themes app store (Theme apps).
    • The agreements also control the distribution of:
      • Non-commercial apps: free apps that do not offer in-app items
      • Commercial apps: free apps that offer in-app items, paid apps that offer in-app items, and paid apps that do not offer in-app items
  • Country restrictions
    • Your app content and services
      For example, some countries have maximum age rating limits, and others prohibit the use of certain third-party services.
    • Your registered location
      Some Seller Office account holders living in a country may be prohibited from distributing their apps to certain other countries. 

For details, see Distribution Countries and Restrictions.

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