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How do I install Device Manager for Tizen Studio 2.0?

Connection Explorer is deprecated in Tizen Studio 2.0. You must install and use the Device Manager component .


To set up Device Manager:

  1. In Tizen Studio, choose Tools > Package Manager.
    Use Package Manager to install Device Manager.
    package manager.png
  2.  Select the Main SDK tab. Then choose Tizen SDK Tools > Baseline SDK.
    device manager install.png
  3. Scroll until you see Device Manager. Click Device Manager, and then click the Install button.  
  4. Once Device Manager is installed, launch it from the Tizen Studio Tools menu.
    launch device manager.png
  5. To use the Remote Device Manager, click the icon in the top right corner of the Device Manager window.connect device.png
  6. Click the Scan icon to scan for available devices.
    For your device to appear in the scan list, ensure that your system and the Gear device are on the same network and that you have enabled Debug mode on your device (for more information on connecting your device to a system for testing see
  7. When you see your device's IP address, click the ON button to connect the device to Tizen Studio.remote device manager.png
  8. After your device is connected, you can see it listed on the right.
    Logs are displayed in the window below the list.
    device connected.png