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Samsung Developer Program

Topic Spacing Request

Feature <<All headings should be bold. This is Heading 1>>

This feature does ... 

What are the benefits of this feature? <<Add one text space above Heading 2>>

When you use this feature, you gain ...<<add equivalent of one text space before and after an illustration.>>


When to use this feature? <<bold>>

Use this feature to ...

<<Create two new headings: 

  • FAQ Heading 1 - 36-point Arial font, black, bold, same padding as Heading 3, bold>>
  • FAQ Heading 2 - 28-point Arial, black, bold, same padding as Heading 3, bold>>

<<Please create a Note: text, word Note in bold, colon not bold, one space between, hanging indent to first word "The.">> 

Note: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the       party. The quick brown

Heading 3 <<bold. Add one text space above Heading 2>>>>

Use this feature to ...<<Add equivalent of one text space below the final sentence; otherwise, it gets too close to the boilerplate page material, such as "Classifications: This page has no classifications" shown below.>>

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