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Samsung Developer Program

Information Related to Certification

To review and/or change service app information related to certification:


Please enter comments to the Certification Team * 

In English only, information to aid certification evaluation (maximum: 4000 bytes).

Required: For initial submittal of the service app:

  • Service app login info (valid user name/ID and password), temporary login ID and password, fake card number for testing at the bottom for certification evaluation.
  • Explanation of why the service app does not meet requirements with the word should.

 For resubmittal of the service app after an update or QA certification failure:

  • All changes made from the previous version.
  • Changes made to address all failure issues.

Note: If required information is omitted, certification may be rejected.

Optional:  For initial submittal or resubmittal of the service app:

  • Additional information (such as developer comments).
  • Information to prevent unnecessary certification QA failures (such as the concept of the app, self-test results, precautions to be taken while testing the app).

Attach materials for requesting certification 

Upload a document (less than 1 MB, maximum: 500 MB) that includes information to be referenced during certification (such as the results of self-testing and proof of copyright).

Attach the result of self testing 

Upload a completed Samsung Developers Self-Check List (Mobile) document containing the criteria and results of service app testing performed by its developers.

Video link for certification review reference 

URL of a video that aids certification (maximum: 200 bytes).

  1. Enter the required and optional information about the service app:
  2. Click Save.
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