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Samsung Developer Program

In-App Items

Registering In-App Items

Only Android™ service apps can sell commercial items to end-user Samsung devices that have the following installed: Samsung Galaxy Apps Client, Samsung Billing Client, Samsung Account Client, and Samsung In-App Purchase Client. Items must be registered in order for sales to be processed. However, for development and In-App Purchase (IAP) integration testing prior to deployment, items may be registered prior to the service app being submitted for certification.

To register in-app items:

  • You must have a commercial Seller Office account. 
  • Registered service app binary files must support In-App Purchase, even when registering commercial items to a freely distributed service app.
  1. Register the item groups for the in-app items.
  2. Register the in-app items:

To register item groups:

  • Get the following information:
  Item Group ID

Identifier of the group of items.

This ID is assigned by Seller Office and cannot be changed. The ID is used to support your service app (for example, during email communication).

  Item Group Title

Descriptive title name of the group.

This title can be changed for your own purposes. The title can be identical to another item group registered to your or any other service app.

  1. Click the In-App Purchase icon.
  2. When prerequisites for this step have not been met, the following screen is displayed.
    1. To request commercial seller status, click GO.
    2. To go to the Samsung Developer In-App Purchase website, click In App Purchase Guide.
  3. When all prerequisites for this step have been met, the Item Group List screen is displayed.

  4. Review information about the commercial item group registered to the service app by Seller Office:
    1. To change the item group title:
      1. Click Modify.
      2. In the Item Group Title popup:
        1. Enter the new title.
        2. Click Save.
    2. To open the Samsung Developers In-App Purchase website, click Guide Link.
    3. To review the In-App Purchase Guide, click PDF Guide.

To register an individual in-app item via a popup:

  1. Click Add Item.

  1. In the Add Item popup:

    Item ID *

    Identifier of an item in the group (16–100 bytes).

    Caution: Item type CANNOT be changed after the page is saved. Ensure its entry is correct.

    Item Title *

    Descriptive title name of the item.

    This title can be changed. The title can be identical to another item registered to the service app or any other service app.

    Item Type *

    Type of commercial item:



     Each item can be purchased one or more times and can be used one time.



     Each item can only be purchased one time and can be used any number of times.

      Non-recurring subscriptions†            

    Each item can be purchased one time and is delivered on a scheduled basis for the specified duration. Cannot be automatically resubscribed. Delivered items are available for use, even after subscription termination.

      Auto-recurring subscriptions

    Each item can be purchased one or more times and is delivered on a scheduled basis for the specified duration. Can be automatically resubscribed. Delivered items are always available for use, even after termination of the subscription.


    †Non-consumable and non-recurring subscription items are only supported by In-App Purchase version 2.0 and above.

    Note: Non-consumable and both types of subscription items previously purchased can be recovered even after the service app is deleted and reinstalled.

    Caution: Item type CANNOT be changed after the page is saved. Ensure its entry is correct.

    Duration *

    Non-recurring subscription items ONLY 

    Length of time (months) for which subscription items are delivered in one subscription pay period
    [Integer number]        One pay period lasts the specified number of months.

    Caution: Duration cannot be changed in the review or update stages after the page is saved. Ensure it is correct.

    Payment Cycle *

    Auto-recurring subscription items ONLY

    Auto-recurring subscription items ONLY length of time basis of one subscription pay period.

    Monthly        Currently, each pay period lasts 1 month.

    Free Trial Period *

    Auto-recurring subscription items ONLY 

    Whether or not the subscription is initially delivered without cost for a specified length of time (after which subscription pay periods apply).

    Not available        There is no initial subscription time without cost.
    [Time period]       The subscription is initially delivered without cost for the specified time.


    Brief explanation of the item (such as its purpose, byte size).

    Item Image

    Image file of the item to be displayable in the Galaxy Apps Store service app listing (JPG or GIF file, 135 x 135 pixels, less than 500 kB).

    Click Upload, and navigate to and select the image file.

    Price *

    Standard USD item price in United States of America dollars that determines the default country-specific item price for all distribution countries.

    However, other factors can override the default country-specific item price. For each distribution country, the price displayed in the service app that the user must pay in the local currency to purchase the item will be the country-specific item price at the time of the transaction. 

    For details, see the Specific Price for a Country/Region section in the Country parameter below.

    When the USD amount is correctly specified, click Apply.

    To change the USD amount, enter a new price and click Apply.


    Payment Method*

    One or more methods available to the user to pay for the item when supported in a country and not overridden by phone bill payment:

    Methods can include: Credit Card, Micropayment, PayPal®, Phone Bill, Cyber Cash, Qiwi, Pre Paid Card, and WebMoney.

      Red check mark  The method is available to users in supporting countries and cannot be made unavailable UNLESS overridden by phone bill payment.
      Blue/empty checkbox  The method can be made unavailable or available to users in supporting countries.
    To change the method's availability, click [Method's checkbox].
    Country *

    Item payment methods, price, and phone bill payment specific to a distributed country or to all countries in a service app distributed region selected for the item's service app:

    To expand/collapse a geographical region, click [Region's title bar].

    Payment Method Icons

    For each country/region, payment method icons indicate the available payment methods.

    Specific Price for a Country/Region

    Note: For each region with separate country settings, each country specific item price can be set independently. 
    For each regional block of countries, a setting applies to all countries in the block.

    Initially, the default country-specific price displayed is based on the standard USD item price and the current daily rate of exchange.

    For each country, a country-specific item price can be set. Whenever the country-specific item price is below the country minimum item price.

    Phone Bill Payment

    For countries with carrier agreements, phone bill payment can be the automatic payment method, which will cause phone bill payment to override all other available payment methods, and cause carrier tier price options to override the current country-specific price. 

    To apply the phone bill payment method to all countries:

    1. Click Check All (Apply Phone Bill).
    2. For each country, follow the next procedure.

    To apply/UNapply phone bill payment method for a specific country:

    1. Click [Country's Apply Phone Bill].
      Note: If only one carrier and one price tier is available, that price will be applied. Skip to Step 5 below.
    2. Click Carrier Prices.
    3. In the Carrier prices popup:
      1. Review the available price tiers (blue text) for the available carrier(s). 
      2. Click Close.
    4. Select the [Country's specific price]: (Carrier price tier for your service app to be downloaded in the Galaxy Apps Store)
    5. Ensure the [Country's specific price] is acceptable. The equivalent standard price (in USD $) is indicated below.
    1. Enter the required information about the commercial item:
    2. Click Save.

To register many in-app items via a spreadsheet:

Only consumable, non-consumable, and non-recurring subscription items can be registered via the spreadsheet. Currently, auto-recurring subscription items cannot be. 

Only the required fields can be specified in the spreadsheet. 

Item ID   Identifier of an item in the group.
Item Title   Descriptive title name of the item.
Item Type  Type of commercial item.
Duration For subscription items ONLY, the length of time (in months) that subscription items are delivered in one subscription pay period.
Prices  Standard USD item price of the item.
  1. Click Item Bulk Upload.

  1. In the Item Bulk Upload popup:
    1. Click Download Excel Form.
      Note: The Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet downloaded from the popup MUST be used.
    2. In the Itembulkupload_sample spreadsheet:
      1. For each item, enter the item information in the spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, Item Type has a Non-renewable subscription option instead of a Non-recurring subscription option, and it does not have a Recurring subscription option.
      2. Save the spreadsheet locally.
    3. Click Upload.
    4. In the open file window, navigate to and select the file, and then click Open.
    5. Click Save.
  2. Review the information about the commercial items registered to the service app:

  3. To change an item after it has been added:
    1. In the Item Group List, click [Item's title].
    2. In the Update Item popup, make changes. Settings can be changed to field entries EXCEPT Item ID, Item Type, and Duration.
      Caution: After saving, changes will be applied immediately, EXCEPT for users currently making a payment for which changes will be displayed 30 seconds after their payment.
    3. Click Save.
  4. To delete an item after it has been added:
    1. Click [Item Title's X-box icon].
    2. In the confirmation popup, click OK.
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