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Samsung Developer Program

Details About Managing Your Apps and Products

Note: All service apps can be reviewed. Only sale status services apps can be updated.

  • When changing app information:

    • Get the following (if applicable):

      • Information needed to make appropriate field entries.

      • App binary file(s).

      • Image files: icon (PNG), screenshots (JPG, PNG), issued age rating certificates (JPG, PNG, or GIF).

      • New URLs: Open Source license, app privacy policy, YouTube™ video, user support site.

      • New email addresses: app user support, those to be notified of changes in app registration.

    • Enter service app information in the default language or in English where specified.


Step 1 (login) must be completed before any other step is started or continued.
All other steps can be started, saved, continued, or completed in any order.
After some actions, an information popup that requires clicking a button is displayed.
Info popup steps are not indicated in this procedure.

  1. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office account:
    1. In your browser, navigate to the Samsung Seller Office website.
    2. If necessary, log in to your Seller Office account with your Samsung account email ID and password.
      Note: You are automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Update fundamental app information (Android, Gear, Samsung Themes, Stickers).
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