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Gear 360


Gear 360
Capture all of the world in 360 degrees, while your Android app controls your users' latest version Samsung Gear 360 camera

The Samsung Gear 360 (2017) camera joins the original Gear 360 camera.  With both versions, users can record 360° or 180° video and still photos, which can be viewed on Samsung smartphones, and on Windows and Mac PCs. 


Samsung Gear 360 Dual Lens Camera

Gear 360


Gear 360 (2017)


Your Android apps can integrate the new Gear 360 SDK, to get information from and control your users' Gear 360 (2017) camera:

  • Get Gear 360 device info (battery level, memory, firmware)
  • Get and set device preferences and camera settings.
  • Take photos, record videos, and start streaming.
  • Manage image and video files.
  • Start previews.

For Gear 360 camera information, including software and documentation, see

For Gear 360 SDK details, see



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