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Samsung Developer Program

Getting Started

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Before you can start using the Cloud Device Farm (CDF), you must meet some basic requirements.

Note: There is no cost to use CDF.


To access CDF, you must have the following:

  • The latest version of the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser installed on your personal computer

    Note: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers are not supported.

  • JavaScript enabled on the web browser

  • A Samsung account

    Note: This account is not the same as a Samsung Developers account or Samsung Program Developers account. If you do not have a Samsung account but do have an existing Samsung Developers or Samsung Developers Program account, sign up for a Samsung account using the same email address.

Launch CDF

To launch CDF:

  1. Open the Samsung Developer Program web site in a supported web browser.

  2. Access your Dashboard and log in.
  3. From your dashboard, click Cloud Device Farm.


Note: Currently, all devices in CDF are located in the United States. For users outside of the continental U.S., there may be a noticeable delayed response when using a device.

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