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Samsung Developer Program


Use Samsung DeX to extend the functionality of your Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note8 to a desktop environment.


  • Discover DeX
    Discover DeX
    With Samsung DeX, you can turn any place into a workplace. The DeX dock enables you to connect your Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note8 to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone. Just plug your phone into the DeX Station to use apps, review documents, and set or check notifications on a desktop interface. The same emails, photos, and files on your phone are now readily accessible in a desktop environment.
    • Design DeX
      Design DeX
      Design your DeX-compatible app for a robust Android experience. Samsung DeX is an extension of Android N multi-window mode. There are no new Samsung APIs that need to be used to launch apps in Samsung DeX; however, apps must adhere to Android N multi-window standards to open in desktop mode. Desktop mode includes all of the advanced, multitasking features built in to the Samsung DeX UI.
      • Develop DeX
        Develop DeX
        This section provides an overview of how to modify apps to launch in Samsung DeX. Because of code variance among apps, not all use cases may be covered here. Additional Android resources may be required for specific apps to work.
      • Distribute DeX
        Distribute DeX
        Market your Dex-compatible app in the Galaxy Apps store.
        • Promote DeX
          Promote DeX
          Promote your DeX-compatible Android apps.
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