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Samsung Developer Program

Cloud Device Farm

Cloud Device Farm
The Cloud Device Farm (CDF) allows you to remotely access an actual Samsung mobile device over the Internet (these devices use U.S. mobile service providers). CDF is exclusive and free to Samsung Developer Program members.

Using CDF, you can install and test your applications in real time. This is a cost-effective and easy way to test the compatibility of your application with a Samsung mobile device.

On CDF, you can:

  • Reserve an actual Samsung mobile device
  • Install, launch, and test applications on the device
  • Capture high resolution screenshots
  • Monitor and download log information for debugging your application
  • Watch automatically recorded videos of your sessions
  • View your commercially available apps in the U.S. Galaxy Apps store



Select and reserve a device


Capture screenshots




Monitor log information


Watch session videos from the History area


Learn more about using CDF in the topics listed below.

Note: Currently, Theme APK testing is not supported.

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