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How to get a Samsung account


A Samsung account is fundamental to accessing the Samsung ecosystem (including single sign on and getting other specialized accounts, such as a Seller Office account), and to purchase apps and their in-app items.


Follow these steps to get a Samsung account:

  • Get your email address, birth date, and zip code.
  1. In your browser, go to the Samsung Account site (
  2. Click SIGN UP NOW.
  3. In the Create a Samsung account page:
    1. Review and agree to the Samsung Account Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, and Samsung Privacy Policy.
    2. Optional Check the offered services and information that you want to receive.
    3. Click Agree.
  4. In the Create your Samsung account page:
    1. Enter your account information.
    2. Meet the reCAPTCHA requirements.
    3. Click NEXT.
  5. Respond to the Samsung Account email sent to your email address.
  6. In the Email has been sent page:
    1. You can have the email resent, or change your email address.
    2. After you have respond to the Samsung Account email, click Done.
  7. After your Samsung account is created:
    1. In the Account verified page, click START.
    2. You can now sign in and enjoy the benefits of your Samsung account.


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