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Will my old Galaxy badge URLs still work now that there are new badge URLs?


Yes, your old badge URLs still work (until you delete them).

Now there are two types of badge deeplink URLs:

New badge URL[badge tag]
Old badge URL[badge tag]


Both types of badge URL links:

  • Send Samsung mobile device customers to either:
    • An app information and purchase / download page for one of your Android, Edge, Fonts, Galaxy Watch, Stickers, or Theme apps
    • Your seller brand page with all of your Galaxy Watch or Theme apps
  • Send non-Samsung device and desktop users go to a help page that explains how they can download your apps on a Samsung device.

Note: In the future, we may terminate support of the old badge URLs, but we will notify you well in advance. 


For more badge details, see Get Your Own Galaxy Store Badge URLs and Manage Your Galaxy Store Badges.