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Samsung Developer Program

Paid App Discounts and Coupons


For your paid apps, you can create download price discounts and coupon codes (for free downloads) through Seller Office in order to promote your paid apps outside the Galaxy Apps store. Your customers benefit when they purchase and download your paid apps.

Paid app download discounts

For your paid apps being normally distributed, you can specify a discount set that applies:

  • A discount percentage of your app's standard price for one or more distribution countries
  • Lower download price(s) for one or more distribution countries

For more details, see Paid App Discounts.

Paid Android app download coupon codes

For your paid Android apps being normally distributed, you can generate and issue coupon codes to your potential customers that enable them to download your app for free.

For each paid app without a current discount price, you can generate up to 1000 unique codes that can be redeemed by users in one more of your app's distribution countries. You can send a code to a customer in any way you choose. For example, you could send codes free of charge, for a lower price than your app's full download price, or as part of a paid-for promotional package. 

For more details, see Paid Android App Coupons.


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