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Samsung Developer Program

Badge Promotion

Put a Galaxy Apps or Samsung Themes badge in your own marketing media, and put your customers one click away from your Android, Galaxy Watch, and Theme apps.


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Depending on your types of apps, you can generate a badge that:

  • Sends Samsung mobile device customers to either:
    • An app promotion page for one of your Android, Galaxy Watch, or Theme apps
    • Your seller brand page with all of your Galaxy Watch or Theme apps
  • Sends non-Samsung device and desktop users go to a help page that explains how they can download your apps on a Samsung device.

Badge benefits:

  • Just one click to your marketplace.
  • Badge traffic has 7x better conversion than organic traffic.
  • Take control of your app and brand promotion through your own channels, and reduce dependency on Samsung staff picks.
    • Your websites
    • Your YouTube page
    • Mobile app advertisements
    • Your social media (including Facebook and Twitter)
    • Your free apps and their product descriptions
    • Your premium paid app promotions
  • Review reports of badge click-through rates with breakdowns by device type (Samsung mobile device, non-Samsung mobile device, and desktop).
  • Determine the effectiveness of your promotions (for example, paid user acquisitions on Twitter and Facebook).
  • Target Samsung mobile device users to maximize app downloads.

If you are a Galaxy Watch or Theme seller and do not yet have a seller brand page:

Generate a Galaxy Watch Brand Page
Generate a Theme Seller Brand Page

For details about other Samsung promotions of your apps, and how Samsung supports you with your own promotions, see Android App Promotion, Galaxy Watch App Promotion, and Theme Product Promotion.

For examples of badge promotions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other websites, see Badge Image and URL Uses.

For badge details, see Get Your Own Badges and Manage Your Badges and Requests.

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