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Binary File Registration

Each binary file, upon initial or subsequent uploading, must meet the following requirements in order to be registered to a service app:


The service app version and Android API levels must be properly specified in each binary file manifest file:

  • versionCode must be an integer and higher than the most recent previously uploaded binary file.
  • minSdkVersion must specify the lowest Android API level that the binary file is compatible with and must be greater than 1 and must be less than or equal to the allowed limits.
  • When specified, maxSdkVersion specifies the highest Android API level the binary file is compatible with and must be greater than 1 and must be less than or equal to the allowed limits.
    Note: Android recommends that maxSdkVersion is not specified.

Service app binary file registration will fail if any of the requirements are not met.

Tizen™ Wearables

The standalone and companion (wearable) binary must use the .wgt or .tpk file format.

Companion (wearable) binary files must include deeplink information for the companion (host) binary files.

The manifest file in the binary file of the integrated and linked (follower) types includes the following meta-information:

<meta-data android:name=" GearAppType" android:value="wgt”/> 
<uses-permission android:name=""/>

KNOX 1.0

KNOX 1.0 identifier must be included in the Android binary file manifest.


If you change a device, you can download a service app with a different binary for the device with the same content or product ID.

Multiple binary files mapped to the same device can be registered with Seller Office, and an end user can download a binary that is compatible with the API level of their device Android OS. Additionally, later versions of a previously registered binary file can be registered.

Additional binary files can be uploaded and registered to a service app when any one of the following criteria are met:

  • The service app versionCode of the binary file being uploaded is equal to or greater than the versionCode of the most recently registered binary file.
  • The compatible API level range of the binary file being uploaded is not the same and is not a subset of the range of any registered binary file.
  • At least one of the devices compatible with the binary file being uploaded is different than the devices compatible with all currently registered binary files. (The new binary must add at least one new compatible device.)

In the following scenario, binary B cannot be uploaded and registered:

  • Binary A is registered and its versionCode is 2. The versionCode of binary B is 1.
  • Binary A is registered and supports API Level 7–15. Binary B supports API Level 8–14.
  • Binary A is registered and lists devices 1, 2, and 3. Binary B lists devices 1 and 2. 
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