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Pricing and Payment

Discover how to establish the price and payment methods for users to download Android, Galaxy Watch, and Theme apps and to get in-app items in Android and Galaxy Watch apps.


App and In-App Item Pricing

End users pay the local price that is set for their country at the time of the purchase transaction (displayed in the local currency):

  • To download paid Android, Galaxy watch, and Gear apps that are distributed through the Galaxy Store and paid Theme apps distributed through the Galaxy Themes app store.
  • To get paid in-app items that are distributed through IAP-integrated Android, Galaxy watch, and Gear apps, and are supported by the Samsung ecosystem.

While setting the factors that determine the local prices vary according to the type of product (app or in-app item) and the Samsung app store, the factors that govern app and in-app pricing are the same:

  • For the app and each in-app item, set the standard price in USD (United States of America dollars), which is the base price.
  • For each distribution country, its daily rate of exchange is applied to the standard USD price in order to produce the default local price.
  • Each country can set minimum and maximum prices, a price increment, and the price unit for apps and/or in-app items.
    For example, app prices in South Korea are governed by a minimum price of 310 won, a price increment of 10 won, and the price unit is won.
  • When a default local price does not conform to country pricing requirements, the default local price is automatically adjusted.
  • The Seller Office UI initially displays the default local prices for each distribution country.
  • Each country and phone carriers can set minimum, maximum, and available phone bill prices for apps and in-app items.
  • When you apply phone bill payment for a distribution country:
    • If the default local price does not match an available phone bill price, the nearest available phone bill price (above or below) becomes the default local price.
    • You can select any available phone bill price to become the local price.
  • When you do not apply phone bill payment:
    • You can set another local price that meets all country pricing requirements. When necessary, your prices are automatically adjusted by the Seller Office UI to meet country pricing requirements.
    • You can accept the default local price as the local price.
  • When a new country becomes available for distribution and you checked 'When SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps becomes available in more countries or with more payment options, your applications will automatically be sold in those countries.' (in the Country & Pricing tab):
    • Your app will be available for download by the new country users at its default local price.
    • All of your app's in-app items will be available to the new country users of your app at their default local prices.
    • Default local prices will be determined by the standard prices, the daily rate of exchange, and country pricing requirements.
    • You can change app and in-app item pricing in the new country.

Caution: Ensure that all local prices are suitable to you. Samsung is not responsible for any loss incurred due to user negligence in checking prices.

For more pricing details, see the 7. Application Pricing. section of the Seller Office Terms and Conditions.


App and in-app item payment methods

The payment methods available to app and in-app item purchasers are determined by financial agreements between the Samsung app stores and each distribution country.  

You can enable purchasers to pay for your apps and in-app items by either of the following methods:

  • Default payment methods
    For each country, the specific methods available are determined by financial agreements.  
  • Phone bill payment
    When you apply this method to specific countries, purchasers in those countries cannot use the default payment methods.

Default payment methods

Depending on your country, the available default payment methods can include credit card, micropayment, Cyber Cash, prepaid card, PayPal, Qiwi, and WebMoney.

When you register your app, the available default payment methods are indicated by a red checkmark next to the method listing. Optional payment methods have a checkbox and must be checked to be enable purchasers to pay by the method.


For Samsung Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes app store users and app users purchasing in-app items registered in Samsung Seller Office, their payment methods can be changed from the methods indicated in Seller Office as follows:

Purchaser Country

Additional Default Payment Methods


Cyber cash and prepaid card 






WebMoney and credit card

UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia

PayPal® and credit card


Phone bill payment

You can enable purchasers to pay for apps and in-app items through the purchaser's phone bill in countries that permit this payment method, as indicated by a checkbox in the Seller Office UI after you apply a standard price.



When you make the phone bill payment available:

  • Your app and in-app item purchases can paid for only through the user's phone bill.
    Note: The default payment methods are not available.
  • Your app and in-app items can only be priced at one of the available phone bill prices for each distribution country.
  • When an item's default local price is not one of the available phone bill prices, the nearest (above or below) available phone bill price becomes the default local price.
  • You can accept the default local price or select any other available phone bill price.



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