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Samsung Developer Program

User and Buyer Comments, Ratings, and Information

You can review comments and ratings of your apps by Samsung app store customers and app users, and you can review information about them and respond to them.

For any free or paid app, users and buyers can:

  • Rate an app (1 to 5 stars), which contributes to the app's average star rating (0.5 to 5 stars with half star ratings).  
  • Enter a  brief comment.

Galaxy Store users can rate and/or comment on Android and Galaxy Watch apps only after they download the apps.  Galaxy Store users can rate and/or comment on Theme apps before or after they download the apps.

After they enter a rating and/or comment, they can edit or delete them.  Deleted ratings do not contribute to the app's average rating. Deleted comments are permanently removed and cannot be retrieved.

You and app store users and buyers can review the average rating and each rating and comment. You can display and review additional information about users and buyers who rated or commented about any of your apps.  You can also respond to comments.  



To review and respond to user and buyer ratings, comments, and information

  • There are one or more free or paid app that are normally distributed ('For Sale' status).
  • After some actions, an information popup that requires clicking a button is displayed.
    Info popup steps are not indicated in this procedure.
  1. Prepare to review the comments.
    1. Sign in to your Seller Office account with your Samsung account email ID and password (Samsung Seller Office website), and click Assistance > Buyer Comments
      Note: You are automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

      SO Assistance BuyerComments_FilterSearch.png
    2. To filter and display users and buyers:
      1. Specify the filter criteria:


        List comments based on the user's country:

        All - Default Any country 
        [Country name] - Only the specified country


        List comments based on user devices:

        All - Any device
        [Device name] - Only the specified device

        Star Rating


        List comments based on the average star rating of all users and buyers who rated the apps:

        All - Any average start rating
        [Number of the averagestar rating] - Only the apps with rounded-offs to the specified average star rating



        List comments based on whether or not their comment date is within the filter begin and end dates

        To enter a filter time period, either directly enter (yyyy-mm-dd) or click Calendar icon and select the earliest and latest dates.

        Content ID List comments based whether or not the commented apps' unique app identifiers assigned by Samsung match all or part of the entry (case-insensitive)
        Application Title List comments based on whether or not the commented app names match all or part of the entry (case-insensitive)

      2. Click Search.
        SO Assistance BuyerComments_DisplayedUsers.png
      3. To see the number of ratings and comments currently in the list (whether or not they are currently displayed), click Total Count.
      4. To sort the listing based on:
        1. App title (A-to-Z or Z-to-A), click [Application Title sort icon].
        2. Comment entry (latest-to-earliest or earliest-to-latest), click [Comment sort icon].
        3. Star rating (highest-to-lowest or lowest-to-highest), click [Star Rating sort icon].
      5. To display other ratings and comments, click Next or Previous.
  2. Review displayed comments, ratings, and information:
    1. Review the following:
      No Order number of the entry

      Application Title

      App name and content ID


      Text entered about the app, the first six letters of the username, and the date and time (Mmm DD, YYYY (hh:mm:ss)) of the entry

      Text entered as a reply and the date and time (Mmm DD, YYYY (hh:mm:ss)) of the reply

      Star Rating

      Average satisfaction rating (bad: 0.5 stars to great: 5 stars) assigned to the app

      Note: Only users and buyers who have downloaded Android and Galaxy Watch apps can rate and comment on them. Any Galaxy Themes user or buyer can rate and comment on Theme apps, either before or after they download the apps.


      User or buyer country of record


      Model name of the user device


      Code of the user or buyer app version


  1. To reply to a user or buyer:
    1. Click Add Reply.
      SO Assistance BuyerComments_DisplayedUsers_ReplyEntry.png
    2. Enter the reply.
    3. Click Send.
  2. To delete a reply, click the [reply's  icon].
  1. To generate a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet of the displayed information, click Excel.
    The CSV spreadsheet contains the information in the ratings and comments list, and filter settings (when specified).

    SO Assistance BuyerComments Spreadsheet.png




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