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Samsung Developer Program

Banner Promotion

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Banners can promote your apps (individual apps, collections of apps, and your entire product line) and increase daily downloads by 4 to 5 times.

You can request banner promotion of one or more of your Android, Edge, Galaxy Watch, Theme, Stickers, or Font apps. Apps that meet selection criteria can be promoted using banners, which run for at least a week but may run longer.


Android App Banners


Galaxy Watch App Banners


Theme App Banners


For details about promotional banners, see Banner Requirements, Specifications, and Recommendations.

After you submit a banner promotion request, Samsung will evaluate your apps to determine whether banner promotion is well-suited based on the following request approval criteria:

  • For all your apps (not just the apps to be promoted):
    • Global gross sales
    • 30-day total of all Galaxy Store badge clicks
      For details, see Galaxy Store Badge Promotion.
    • Total of all app product detail page recently visited
    • Percentage of app downloads out of total detail page visits
    • Total recent revenue for paid apps and in-app items
  • For your submitted images:
    • Image and file requirements
    • Editorial app review 

To request banner promotion for your apps

  • Prepare your app promotions and sales to support the request approval criteria.
  1. Determine what you want to promote by banner:
  • Android apps that integrate the IAP SDK or one or more Galaxy SDKs
  • Edge panel apps
  • Galaxy Watch apps
  • Theme apps: themes, wallpapers, icon packs, or AOD screens
  • Type of promotion request: one individual app (1 app), more than one app (1 content set), or all of your apps (entire product line).
    Note: In each spreadsheet file, specify only one type of promotion.
  1. Specify your apps to be promoted in the following spreadsheet file:
    1. Download the Banner Promotion Request Evaluation Data spreadsheet file.
    2. In the spreadsheet file:
      1. If necessary, click Enable Editing.
        This may or may not be required to enter the following information.
      2. Enter the following information:
        Your Seller Office Email Address Email address of the person to be contacted about the request
        Your Global Gross Sales Your total global gross sales for the last 90 days of all your apps, regardless of how many apps you are requesting to be promoted

        Type of Promotion Request

        List of Apps to be Promoted

        To request promotion of one individual app:

        1. Checkmark 1 app.
        2. Enter the app's content ID and app name.
        To request promotion of more than one app but not all of your apps:
        1. Checkmark 1 content set.
        2. For each app in the content set, enter the app's content ID and app name.
        To request promotion of all your apps in the Samsung app store:
        1. Checkmark Entire product line.
        2. For each app, enter the app's content ID and app name.


      3. Save the file locally.
  2. Create and submit a banner promotion request:
    1. In a browser, navigate to the SDP website 

    2. Log in to your SDP account.

    3. Click Promotion Requests.
    4. In the Create New Ticket / Request for Promotion webpage:
      1. Fill in the following:
        Subject* Brief title of your request



        Your publisher name (as displayed in the app store).
        Your type of promotion request: individual app, content set, or entire product line

        Tell us why your apps should be promoted by banners, and how your apps differ from competing apps.

        It would be helpful to include third-party reviews of your apps, app press kits, one-sheet highlights, and videos.

      2. Attach the Banner Promotion Request Evaluation Data spreadsheet file:  
        1. Click ADD ATTACHMENTS.
        2. Browse to the file and upload it.
      3. Click SUBMIT REQUEST.

Your banner request will be evaluated.
If evaluation indicates that banner promotion is not best suited for your apps, we will notify you.
If evaluation indicates that banner promotion is well-suited:

  • We will discuss with you the details of a banner promotion plan.
  • For Galaxy Watch app promotion, you will design and submit a banner image.
  • For Android app and Theme app promotion, you can submit graphic images that Samsung technicians may use when they design your banner image.

If your banner promotion request is granted, your apps will be promoted according to the banner promotion plan.

  1. Review the detail and progress of your banner promotion requests:
ID ID assigned to the request by SDP
Submitted Date (MM/DD/YY) of request submission
Subject Title entered in the request
Promotion Period Starting and ending dates that the promotion banner will be published in the Galaxy Store

Request Status

Current processing step of your request:

Under Review Your request is being considered by the SDP team.
Solved Your request has either been approved or declined. If your request was approved, your banner promotion will begin as specified and has not yet ended.
Closed Your request has been terminated. If your request was approved, your banner promotion has ended.





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