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Samsung Developer Program

Manage Your Galaxy Store Badges

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Review your badge URLs; get badge images, URLs, and code; review badge use reports; and delete badge URLs


You can review the status of your badges. You can copy your badge URLs and HTML code, download badge images, and use them in your marketing material. You can get reports about your customers use of your badge URLs. You can delete ineffective badges.


To review reports of badge use by end users

  1. Go to the SDP website (, sign in, and click Access My Dashboard.
  2. Click Galaxy Store Badges.


  3. Get and review a badge report:
    1. Click Badge Click Report.


    2. Open the downloaded export.csv file.


      Note: Dates are not listed when no users clicked badge links.
    3. Review the following:


      Date (M/D/YYYY) of the badge report entry, which is either:

      • A day that one or more users clicked the badge
      • The day the badge was generated, which may or may not have user clicks.

      App Name

      Title of your Android, Galaxy Watch, or Theme app associated with the badge

      Badge Type

      The kind of app store page targeted by the badge URL:

      • Android - App promotion page for one Android app
      • Galaxy Watch - App promotion page for one Galaxy Watch app
      • Galaxy Watch Brand Page - Seller brand page that lists all of your Galaxy Watch apps
      • Theme - App promotion page for one Theme app
      • Theme Brand Page - Seller brand page that lists all of your Theme apps

      Samsung Device Clicks

      Total number of badge clicks by users from a Samsung mobile device, which led to the targeted app store pages

      Non-Samsung Device Clicks Total number of badge clicks by users from a device other than a Samsung mobile device, which led to the help page
      Desktop Clicks Total number of badge clicks by users from a desktop PC device, which led to the help page


To manage your badge URLs

  1. In the My Badges list:
    1. Navigate to your badge entry and review the following:
      Name  Title of the Android, Galaxy Watch, or Theme app associated with the badge


      Badge URL generated for the app

      You can copy and paste this badge URL and use it with or without a badge image or with another image.

      Total Clicks

      Number of times that users, from all types of devices and desktops, clicked a link to your badge URL, from its generation date

      Depending on the type of badge and the user's device, users may have gone to your app's promotion page, your seller brand page, or the badge help page.

      Created Date (MM/DD/YYYY) you submitted a request to generate the badge URL

      Download Badge

      Links to download badge HTML code that displays the appropriate badge image linked to the badge URLs

      Click Download and COPY TO CLIPBOARD, and paste the code in your marketing material.

      Delete Badge

      Links to deactivate and remove the badge URLs

      After clicking Delete Badge in the list and in the popup:

      • Your badge URL is deactivated and can no longer be used.
      • Your badge listing is removed from Your Badges list.
      • The tag in the badge URL can be used when requesting a different badge URL.


      Current functional state of your badge request or badge URL: 

      Active The badge URL has been generated, is active, and can be used.


  1. To use a badge URL by itself, copy the shortURL and add hyperlinks that target it in your marketing media.
  2. To download a badge image that is not linked to a badge URL, click [Badge app type] EPS or [Badge app type] PNG.
  3. To use HTML code that displays the badge image suitable for your app and is linked to your badge URL:
    1. Click [Your badge listing] Download HTML.
    2. Put the downloaded HTML code in your marketing media.
  4. To delete a badge URL:
    Caution: Deleted badge URLs cannot be restored.
    1. Click the [Your badge listing] Delete Badge.
      Note: All of the following occur: 
      The badge URL is deactivated and cannot be used.
      The badge listing is removed from My Badges.
      The badge URL tag is made available for use by others and by you.



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