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Samsung Developer Program

Galaxy Store Badge Image and URL Uses

How developers use their Galaxy Store badges in their promotional campaigns and marketing channels - and how you can also.

Your use of badge images and URLs is limited only by your imagination.

Galaxy Store badge images or any UI element can link to your badge URL that can direct your customers to:

  • Your Android app promotion pages.
  • Your Theme app promotion pages or your Theme brand page.
  • Your watch face app promotion pages or your Galaxy Watch brand page.
  • Your watch app promotion pages or your Galaxy Watch brand page.

Click a web or YouTube image to see the actual badge in use.


In paid user acquisition Twitter campaigns, you can target potential customers:

  • By user demographics (age, sex, location).
  • By user device.


The image and the URL below the image link to 2Thumbz's Theme brand page.

In your YouTube page:

  • You can show your customers what your products can do!
  • Customers can subscribe to your page and can receive your product video announcements.


Echo Visual's Theme Portfolio links to
Echo Visual's Theme brand page.

You can target Samsung mobile device users who come to your website:

  • Using your website server custom messaging, you can show a popup with your Galaxy Store badge.


The badge image and DOWNLOAD FREE link to the GOAL+ app product detail page.

In paid user acquisition Facebook campaigns:

  • You can target potential customers:
    • By user demographic: age, sex, location, interests - including interest in Galaxy Watch devices.
    • By mobile device.



Shop Now links to Echo Visual's Theme brand page.


In your websites:

  • You can reach out to the worldwide web.
  • You have complete design freedom.


The Galaxy Store icon links to Social Quantum's Megapolis app product detail page.



THEME STORE links to Echo Visual's Halloween Theme app product detail page.

In your blog posts, you can:

  • Target your loyal following.
  • Announce your new and improved products.


Gear S2/S3 go here links to Facer's Gear watch face app
product detail page.