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Samsung Developer Program

Coupon Redemption by Customers

After you receive an app coupon code from the app publisher, you can redeem the coupon to download the paid app for free.


To redeem a coupon on a Samsung mobile device

  • From the app publisher, you received a valid coupon code for the paid app.
  • You must be using an Android device and be located in the coupon's distribution country.
  • You must have a credit card registered with your Samsung account.
    Note: Your credit card account will not be billed to download the app.
  • If the app offers in-app items, you must pay to get the items. 
  1. In your Android device, open the Galaxy Store.
  2. Navigate to the app download page.

  3. Click the [purchase price button].
  4. In the SAMSUNG BILLING page:

    1. Verify the app is correct.
    2. Select one of the available payment methods.
      Note: When you use a coupon, your account will not be billed.
    3. In the Discount section:
      1. Click ADD.
      2. In the popup:
        1. Enter the coupon code.
        2. Click REGISTER.
        3. If the code could not be registered, first check and re-enter the code, then contact the app publisher. 
        4. If the code was registered, it will be applied.
    4. In the Discount section:
      1. Verify that a 100% discount has been applied.
      2. To see details about the coupon, click its [down arrow].
    5. In the Payment amounts section:
      1. Verify Total ($0.00).
      2. Click BUY.








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