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Samsung Developer Program

App Promotion in Multiple Languages

You can translate and register app information to promote your app in multiple languages within the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes app stores, localize your app and websites, and communicate with your customers in their native language.

You are responsible for the translation of text in field entries and images. You must register app information and images in a default language. You can register app information and images in one or more alternate languages.

For all app distributors, localization of your app product detail pages and app listing pages is extensive because you control the text and image content being displayed to each language group of customers.

For Galaxy Watch and Theme app distributors, your localization of seller brand pages is more limited. App titles are localized, but app store customers in all countries see the same company or brand title, description, and images.

Top 10 markets to localize for (largest to smaller):

  • Android - China, Korea, USA, Indonesia, Germany, UK, France, Argentina, Canada, Australia
  • Galaxy Watch (Gear) - USA, Germany, UK, South Korea, Russia, Italy, France, Australia, Spain, Canada
  • Themes - USA, China, South Korea, Germany, UK, Russia, France, Canada, Iran, Italy

Note: Some countries have language translation requirements in order to distribute apps to them.
For details, see Distribution Country Restrictions and Requirements.

You can see the results of your localization of your apps' product detail pages and your seller brand pages as they will be displayed to Galaxy Store customers in seven countries.

Samsung Support of Localization

User device location determines the localized language for app registration content and common app store UI elements. Your alternate language content is displayed to users in the countries associated with those languages. The default language is displayed in its associated countries and in the countries not associated with any alternate language that you register.

The Samsung ecosystem enables you to reach out to your worldwide customers in their native languages.

  • Galaxy Store:
    • Based on the user's location and the default and alternate language content you registered:
      • Enable customers to find and see your apps in the user's language.
      • Display your app product detail page in the user's language.
    • Based on the user's location, display common UI elements in the user's language.
    • For all users, display your seller brand page information and images that you registered.
  • Samsung Seller Office shows you feedback from your customers and users, and enables you (with third-party translators) to communicate with them, in their native language.

For more details about all types of app promotion, see App Promotion through Seller Office.

Customers can find your apps using searches in the languages you support.



Customers can see your app listings in the languages you support.


Customers can see different language versions of your app product detail pages in the languages you support:


All customers see one version of the seller brand page you designed with localized app titles:

Localization_SellerBrandPage_Theme.jpg         Localization_Axeir_SBP.jpg


Customers can send you feedback and you can respond in their native language.



Your Support of Localization

You can localize:

  • The content of your app product detail pages
  • The content of your seller brand pages
  • Your Galaxy Watch apps.
  • Your own websites

You first determine what languages your app content and features will support. We recommend that you select supported languages based on your expertise and estimates of your distribution country markets. After  your app is being distributed, you can base your decisions on actual distribution country revenue. For details about determining this, see Download, Purchase, and Sales Statistics.

You then determine how your app supports the selected languages, and then design and enable support of those languages.

You then create and translate app registration information and seller brand page information into the supported languages. In Seller Office, register the information, which is the basis of your app promotion in the product detail and seller brand pages in Samsung app stores.

Caution: Small translation mistakes can have a large impact.

While you can use third-party translators and translation apps, we recommend that a native speaker translates all localized text in app screens and images, and in Seller Office app registration and seller brand page field entries and uploaded images and screenshots.

Non-native translation can result in:

  • Linguistic and grammatical errors
  • Marketing phrases that sound unusual (for example, ‘super fancy sportscar’ instead of 'luxury sportscar')
  • Functional errors (for example, ‘Tap individual areas to toggle display battery power.’ can be translated as ‘Tap individual areas to toggle battery saver.’)


Galaxy Watch Designer App Localization

When you use Galaxy Watch Designer to create your Galaxy Watch apps, they can support users in multiple languages:

  • It is recommended to set English as the default language.
  • Although most text is displayed in the default language, some text is translated into the user's language (for example, day and month names).  
  • Use icons in your watch design whenever possible.
  • Set time (12/24) to synchronize with the user device.
  • Set distance (KM/Mi) to synchronize with the user device.


Localize Your Product Detail Page

App product detail pages are where your customers can review details about and see screenshots of your app, and purchase and download your app. After you translate app information, images, and screenshots into the default language and optional alternate languages, you can register them in Seller Office to create language variations of your app's product detail page.

Note: All of your app's different language product detail pages contribute to your app's sales and download figures for app ranking purposes.


For details about localizing your apps' product detail pages, see:


For more details about designing your product detail pages, see App Promotion through Seller Office.

When distributing your app to one country and supporting one language:

  • Set that language as the default language.
  • Enter app information in the default language tab.

When distributing your app to one country and supporting multiple languages:

  • You must set English as the default language.
  • You must enter app information in the default English tab.
  • Create alternate language tabs, and translate and register app information into those tabs.

When distributing your app to multiple countries and supporting multiple languages:

  • You must set English as the default language.
  • You must enter app information in the default English tab.
  • Create alternate language tabs, and translate and register app information into those tabs.


To register app information in default and alternate languages

  1. When initially registering the app, specify the default supported language (English is recommended).
  2. In the Application Information tab:
    1.  Click Advanced.
    2. In the default language tab:

      1. Specify the supported languages.
      2. Enter default language entries and upload image and screenshot files in all required fields and in the applicable optional fields.
        For Android app details, see Fundamental Android App Information.
        For Galaxy Watch (Gear) app details, see Fundamental Galaxy Watch App Information.
        For Theme app details, see Fundamental Theme App Information.
      3. Click Save.

    3. Add new language tabs for the supported alternate languages:
      1. Click + Add.
      2. Checkmark each supported language and click Save.

    4. For each supported language:
      1. Use the following translation guidelines:
        1. Generate the original text in your native language.
        2. Verify the native speakers understand the concepts and translate the text into to the supported languages.
      2. Click Select Language > [supported language tab].
      3. Enter the following information and upload screenshot files in the supported language:


        We recommend that:

        • In all languages, the app titles mean the same thing.
        • The name of the language not be included in a title.
          Let the title language identify the language your app supports.


        We recommend that you:

        • When appropriate, add phrases and statements that are unique to each supported language.


        We recommend five words or phrases:

        • That are most descriptive of your app.
        • The describe how your app stands out from other similar apps.


        We recommend that you:

        • Translate all unbranded text into in a supported language.
        • Do not mix languages in a screenshot.
        • Create screenshots for your top distribution countries.

        For more details, see Specify Fundamental Android App Information.

  3. In the Country & Price tab, select distribution countries associated with the supported languages.

For more details about registering your app, see App Registration through Seller Office.


Localize Your Seller Brand Page

The seller brand page  for Galaxy Watch and Theme app distributors displays company or brand information and links to all apps. All customers see the same text and images, except localized app titles. However the Samsung ecosystem and you can promote your company or brand in multiple languages.


The Samsung ecosystem:

  • Displays to all customers in all locations:
    • Your  background  and logo / profile image, title, and description / introduction that you register.
    • Your top selling and new apps, and the app icons you register.
  • Based on each user's location, displays app titles in the appropriate default or alternate language that you register.

We recommend that you:

  • Upload a background image with little or no text and a strong graphic emphasis (for example, app screens, and  a graphic-intensive design)
  • Upload a logo / profile image that is graphic intensive.
  • Enter a title that is either:
    • The same for all languages (for example, a word or phrase that is language-agnostic).
    • Is in the default language.
  • Enter a description that either:
    • Has minimal text and presents it in the default language.
    • Has different paragraphs with text translated into all or the major supported languages.

For more details, see Generate a Galaxy Watch Seller Brand Page or Personalize Your Theme Seller Brand Page.


See the Results of Your Localization

SDP members can use the Galaxy Store badge test feature in the SDP Dashboard to navigate and see Galaxy Store pages as local users and customers see them in the supported countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, and the U.S. ).  You can see your localized product detail pages and seller brand page in the languages of any of those countries. 


To see your localized Galaxy Store pages

  • You must have a Seller Office account to register apps and seller brand information.
  • You must be an SDP member to access the SDP Dashboard, get badges, and access the badge test feature.
  1. Register your app and:
    1. Localize your app's product detail page by registering fundamental app info in one or more alternate languages that both your app supports and are countries supported by the badge test feature.
    2. Select the same supported countries as the distribution countries of your app.
    3. Set your app to be published immediately upon passing validation testing.
    4. Complete the registration of your app.
  2. Submit your app for validation.
    Note: Your app must pass app validation and be published.
  3. For Galaxy Watch and Theme app sellers, localize your seller brand page by modifying your Seller Office profile.
  4. Generate a Galaxy Store badge that links to your app's product detail page.
  5. After your app is being published, test Your Galaxy Store Badge.
    This will display your app's product detail page localized in the default country (the USA).
  6. In the badge test display:
    1. For each supported country that you localized your app for:
      1. Choose  a supported country.
      2. Review your localized product detail page.
    2. For Galaxy Watch and Theme app sellers, click your seller name in a product detail page to navigate to your seller brand page, which is the same for all countries.


Localize Your Own Website

You can further enhance your global reach by localizing your app marketing and support websites, and social media websites:

  • Provide versions of your website pages in your supported languages.
  • Put links to the supported language versions in one convenient location (such as a drop-down selection in a menu bar) at the top of your website home page.
  • Put app details in the text of your websites because many browsers translate text.


Communicate with Customers in Their Native Language

Samsung Seller Office and third-party translators enable you to communicate 1-to-1 with your entire world of customers.

  • In the Seller Office Buyer Comments section, review and respond to customer comments.
    Note: In Seller Office, you can see all comments from users in all geographic locations. If you review user comments in the Galaxy Store, you only see comments from users in the app store's geographic region.

  • You can use a language translator (such as Google Translate) to communicate in their native language.

For details, see User and Customer Feedback and Communication.



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