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Samsung Developer Program

Personalize the Product Detail Pages for Your Theme Apps

You can personalize your product detail pages that are automatically created for all Theme apps (wallpapers, themes, icon packs, and AODs) to provide your customers with app information and purchase and download features

Each of your product detail pages contains information you provide and the Galaxy Themes section of the Galaxy Store provides.

  • You can provide content:
    • Specific to each app:
      • When your create your app binary files.
      • When you register your app in Seller Office.
    • For all your apps' product detail pages:
      • When you create your Samsung account.
      • Through your Seller Office profile page, which you can change at any time.
  • The Theme section provides content based on information you provide, your app distribution, and other similar apps.



Content you provide for your Samsung Account

Specify the following when you create your Samsung Account that you use to log in to your Seller Office account.

  • Seller name

  • Seller email address


Content you provide in Seller Office 

Specify the following in the Theme Editor when creating your Theme app files, during Seller Office app registration, or in your Seller Office profile.

  • App screenshots
    • 4 to 8 screenshots (in a file): App Information tab / Screenshots* field
      In Theme Editor, select the screenshots and then use the Export APK file function to generate a file.
      Note: Only unmodified files can be registered.
    • In product detail pages for wallpaper apps, only the first screenshot is displayed.
    • In product detail pages for theme, icon pack, and AOD apps, all screenshots are displayed.
  • App file size (from uploaded binary file): Binary tab / Binary* field
  • App title (0 to 100 bytes): App Information tab / Application Title* field
  • Description (0 to 4000 bytes): App Information tab / Description* field
  • Overview information:
    • Version (app filename and version number from uploaded binary file): Binary tab / Binary* field
    • Release-date (from uploaded binary file): Binary tab / Binary* field
  • Seller information
    • Company: Profile / Company Name* field
    • Representative: Profile / Representative's Name* field
    • Website address: Seller's Home URL field
    • Support email address (0 to 100 bytes): App Information tab / Support E-Mail* field

You can also personalize your seller brand page. For details, see Personalize Your Theme Seller Brand Page.

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