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Samsung Developer Program

Android, Edge, Stickers, and Fonts App Promotion

The Samsung ecosystem promotes your Android apps (that integrate Galaxy SDK and In-App Purchase SDK features) with a product detail page for each app, your own product line page (with all of your apps), and more Galaxy Store features.


The  Galaxy Store, available to Galaxy mobile device users, promotes your paid and free Android apps. The Samsung ecosystem also directly promotes these apps and supports Galaxy Store promotions.

For details about how Samsung supports you and your own promotions, see Promotion in your own marketing and media channels.


Promotion in Galaxy Devices

Galaxy mobile device users see Galaxy Store promotions and My Apps page promotions of your Android, Edge, Stickers, and Font apps.

Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store main pages are the main entry points:

  • Users can get all paid and free Android apps and selected apps (based on downloads and Samsung promotions) from the following sections:
    • TRENDING - promoted apps and events, highest download apps, and all apps (in categories)
    • GAMES - promoted and highest download game apps
    • EXCLUSIVES - apps of any type that are only available in the Galaxy Store
    • TOP - free and paid apps ranked by their current number of user downloads



  • Banners, app group sets, and app group pages link to product detail pages where users can review and purchase Android apps.

Note: The Galaxy Store also promotes:

  • Galaxy Watch apps (watch face and regular apps) in the Watch section. For details, see Galaxy Watch App Promotion.
  • Theme apps in the Theme section, which features all types of Theme apps: wallpapers, themes, icon packs, and always-on displays (AODs). For details, see Theme App Promotion.

Promotion elements

Users can navigate, review, purchase, and download apps through the following:

  • Badges
    • You can put Galaxy Store badges in your marketing material, such as websites, social media channels, and emails.
    • Each badge links to one of your product detail pages.
    • For details about requesting a badge, see Badge Promotion.
  • App banners
    • One-app banners
      • Each links to one select app's product detail page or a promotional website outside Galaxy Store.
    • App group banners
      • Each links to one app group page with all select apps in the group.
    • For details about requesting a banner, see Banner Promotion.
  • App group sets
    • Each app thumbnail links to one select app's product detail page.
    • VIEW ALL links to one app set group page with all select apps in the set.




  • App group pages
    • List and link to product detail pages of all apps in the group.
    • All paid and free apps are listed in category group pages.
    • Select apps are listed in custom group pages that contain:
      • Apps that meet preset criteria (based on download data or availability)
      • Apps promoted by app group banners and set
  • Event banners
    • An event:
      • One promotion (related or not related to apps).
      • A special offer for one or more apps (such as a reduced price, free in-app items, or other offerings).
    • An event banner:
      • Links to one event detail page or to resources outside the Samsung Theme store.
      • Is displayed in the Promotions page and other suitable main pages.



Product detail page

Galaxy Store pages and promotion elements lead to product detail pages.

  • Product detail pages contain:
    • App info, videos, graphics, and user feedback
    • Seller info, contact info, and links to seller resources inside and outside Galaxy Store
  • Users can:
    • Review app info, videos, and graphics.
    • Link to all of your apps.
    • Review information about you and your company.
    • Link to your marketing and social sites.
    • Share your apps with their family and friends.
    • Provide feedback for you and your future customers.
  • Samsung generates your page from the information, videos, and graphics you provide in your Seller Office registration, which you can easily change by updating your app registration.

    For details about providing your text, video, graphics in your apps' product detail pages, see Personalize the Product Detail Pages for Your Android Apps.

Product line page

An app group page, titled More from this seller, that lists and links to all of your apps' product detail pages.

  • Your customers can:
    • Get to the product line page from any of your product detail pages.
    • Link to any of your product detail pages.
    • Purchase and download any of your apps.
  • Samsung generates the page from all of your apps.


Event detail page

Event banners link to event detail pages:

  • Details about promotional campaigns for:
    • One event (related or not related to apps)
    • One or more apps (for example, at a discount price or with free in-app items)
  • Links to supporting resources:
    • Inside Galaxy Apps, such as product detail pages and app group pages
    • Outside Galaxy Store, such as websites, social media, or email contact



  • Users can:
    • Follow event banner links to event detail pages.
    • Review promotion event info, videos, and graphics.
    • Link to supporting resources inside and outside Galaxy Store.
  • In response to developer requests for promotion events, Samsung generates event detail pages and support pages inside Galaxy Store.

    Note: While an app promotion event is in effect, users get the event benefits by purchasing and downloading from event pages or from other pages that may not display the promotion.


My Apps

Users can manage their apps currently on their device and future app purchases and downloads.

  • My Apps lists:
    • Every app that has been preloaded, downloaded, and installed on the user's device.
    • Android and Tizen wearable apps that the user has put in their wish list of future purchases.
    • All paid app and in-app item purchases.
    • Apps the user has marked for future downloading.




  • Users can easily:
    • Install preloaded and downloaded apps.
    • Open, update, and uninstall apps that are installed.
    • Manage their wish list.
    • Register their credit card information and coupons to be applied to app purchases.





Promotion in the Samsung ecosystem

The Samsung ecosystem provides your customers with intuitive methods to navigate to, review, purchase and download, and manage your Android apps.




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