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Samsung Developer Program

Validation Submission and Management

After you develop your production version app, update the Seller Office registration with your production app and in-app items. Submit the service app for certification, which starts with automated pre-certification. After passing pre-certification, the app undergoes certification evaluation by the Samsung certification team.

After passing certification, the app will be distributed in the Galaxy Store, which makes it available for free or commercial download either soon after passing certification or after a date specified during registration. A maximum of one day is needed after passing certification for the app to be distributed to stores by the server through automatic distribution.

If a app fails pre-certification or certification, its Seller Office account representatives will be notified through email. To find out the reason for the rejection in the Seller Office website, go to the certification status in My Applications and click the pop-up icon with the Rejected status. You can modify the app and its Seller Office registration, and then resubmit the app for certification.

If the app fails the pre-certification phase, there is a failure issue with one or more of your registered app binary files. You must revise one or more binary files to correct the issue(s). However, you must re-upload all the binary files with a revised version (to correct a failure issue) or with the same version (when there was no failure issue with that binary file). You may also change other UI entries, but this is not required. After resubmitting, your app will undergo the pre-certification phase again.

If the app passes the pre-certification phases but fails the certification phase, there is a failure issue with one or more of your registered app binary files, with one or more other UI entries (such as uploaded screenshots), or with binary files and other UI entries. You must correct the failure issue(s). However, you must re-upload all the binary files (as in the pre-certification phase). After resubmitting, your app will undergo only the certification phase again.

After app publication, individuals with the Seller Office account that has the app registered to it can manage the app and its financial settings, components, and distribution. 

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