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Samsung Developer Program

Top Reasons for Not Passing Validation

Before submitting your app for certification with Galaxy Apps, go through the following checks to make sure your certification goes smoothly.


Ensure that your app's background environment is clean and pointing to the production environment

Doublecheck that no screens have 'sandbox' text that refers to your test environment. 


Ensure that your app initiates Samsung In-App Purchase app download

If the Samsung In-App Purchase app is not installed on the user's Samsung device, your app must successfully initiate its download after the user accepts the Samsung payment agreements.


Ensure that the Samsung In-App Purchase app download and installation doesn't force-close the app initiating it

Force closure may occur if the user taps OK on the Samsung In-App Purchase download pop-up message.


Ensure that Samsung In-App Purchase is 100% effective during normal app usage

Your app should perform consistently and not Force Close on any devices and Android versions supported by your app.

No system errors should occur during an In-App Purchase transaction, and all transactions should be completed successfully.


Ensure that Google Sign-In pop-ups are only available for sharing results, achievements, and connecting with fellow players

Your app shouldn't save results and app progress by requiring the user to sign in to their Google account.

If your app is advertised in the Galaxy Store, the app should not direct to Google Play for installation.


Ensure that no purchase links direct the user to purchase through Google Play™

Selecting the Buy option within your app should not direct the user to Google Play store. 


Ensure that your app doesn't direct the user to Google Play™ store for future updates

Any apps downloaded and installed from Galaxy Store should direct the user to Galaxy Store for subsequent updates.



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