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Samsung Developer Program

Add a New Theme App

Note: You must belong to the Samsung Theme Partnership program before you can develop and register Samsung Themes apps. See Get a Theme Service Partnership Account for more information.

Specify the app type and select a default language. If necessary, the default language can be updated later in the registration process from the App Information tab.

  1. From Seller Office, click Add New Application.

  3. Select Default Language: [Language used to enter registration information].
    • When distributing the app to only one country, select and use the most suitable language.
    • When distributing the app to more than one country, select and use the English language.

      Note: Refer to Alternate languages for information on how to add languages that are displayed in your app store listing in addition to the default language. Languages that the app supports and displays are registered in the Supported Languages field of the App Information tab.


  1. Click Next.
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