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Samsung Developer Program

Fundamental Android App Information

To enter fundamental app information

  1. In Seller Office, click your app's App Information tab.
  2. To import some field entries from another app, see Import App Information below.
  3. Enter the fundamental app information.


Caution: After you first click 'Save' when registering a new app, the app will be registered to your Seller Office account, and the app cannot be changed later to another Seller Office account.

  1. Click Save.
  2. To set field entries to support the display of another language in your app listings and pages in the Samsung app stores, see Alternate Languages below.

Import App Information

Optionally, you can upload the entries for some app registration fields from another app that you previously registered and was published.

To import app information from another app

  1. Click Advanced Mode, and Import My App Info.
  2. In the Search Application popup:
    1. Optional Enter all of the other app's ID in Content ID.
    2. Optional Enter all or part of the other app's name in Application Title.
    3. Click Search.
    4. Select the other app by clicking [the app radio button].
    5. Click Save.

Caution: After you first click 'Save' below when registering a new app, the app will be registered to your Seller Office account, and the app cannot be changed later to another Seller Office account.

  1. In the App Information tab, click Save.
  2. Verify that the imported entries are suitable for your new app.
  3. Enter entries in fields that were not imported (for example Application Title, Binary tab, Country & Price tab, and Validation tab entries).


Alternate Language Entries

After you have text entries (app title and description) and image and screenshot text translated into another language, you can create alternate language tabs for the text.  You can enter and upload the text into the alternate language tab fields.  The entries, images, and screenshots will be displayed in Samsung app stores to users who are located in the app's distribution countries associated with the alternate language.

You can make an alternate language the default language for app information displayed in Samsung app stores.

Note: We recommend that you have a native speaker translate the text because small mistakes can have a large impact.

To add an alternate language

  1. Click the App Information tabAdvanced Mode, and + Add.
  2. In the Add Language popup, select one or more alternate languages.
  3. Click Save.

To register alternate language information

  • You had the field entry information translated into the alternate language.
  • You had the text in images and screenshots translated into the alternate language.
  1. Click Select Language > [Alternate language].
  2. In the [Alternate language] tab:
    1. Enter the Application Title, Short Description (simplified Chinese only), Description, and Tags entries in the displayable language.
    2. Drag-and-drop or click-and-browse a cover image and four to eight screenshots in the displayable language. For entry details, see the Cover Image and Screenshots field descriptions.


To set the default language

  1. Click Change Default.
  2. In the Change Default Language popup, select the alternate language.
  3. Click Save.

To delete an alternate language

  1. Click Select Language > [Alternate language].
  2. Deselect the checkbox next to the alternate language listing to be deleted.
  3. In the Notice popup, click Yes.
  4. In the second Notice popup, click OK.



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