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Samsung Developer Program


How to register information, binary files, and graphic images and videos for your apps and register their in-app items.


After you create your free or paid Android app that integrates at least one Samsung SDK (such as a Galaxy SDK or in-app purchase), Edge app, Galaxy Watch app, or Theme app, you can register your app and its in-app items (when offered) in Samsung Seller Office.

After registration, submit your app and its in-app items for validation testing through Seller Office. After passing, your app is distributed in the appropriate Samsung app store:

  • The Galaxy Store for Android apps, Galaxy Watch apps, and Edge apps
  • The Galaxy Themes store for Theme apps (wallpapers, Always On Displays, icon packs, and themes).

Using Seller Office, you can manage your app distribution, app and in-app pricing, and your finances.

Note: This section describes how to register Android and Galaxy Watch apps and their in-app items. For registration of only in-app items (useful after your app is being distributed), see Manage Your In-App Items.




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