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Samsung Developer Program

Registration and Validation

For your apps to be distributed in Samsung app stores and their in-app items to be supported, they both must be registered in Seller Office and be submitted and pass validation testing.

You register your app and its in-app items (when offered) in Samsung Seller Office. 

  • Required and optional fields vary by app type.
  • You can start registration, save it, and then finish later.

After making entries in all required registration fields, you can submit your app and in-app items for validation by Samsung:

  • Pre-validation processing is an automated review of the app binary files, which typically takes about 30 minutes.
    After passing, the app is then provisionally distributed, and in-app items are fully supported.
  • Validation testing is conducted by Samsung technicians, which typically takes  from one to two weeks.
    • If the app and its in-app items pass, they will be normally distributed.
    • If the app or its in-app item do not pass:
      • The app will be suspended from distribution.
      • In-app item offering and sales will no longer be supported.
      • You will be notified of the reasons, and you can address those, change your app or in-app items, and then re-register and resubmit them.




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