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Samsung Developer Program

Register Your Apps and In-App Items

Register your app's data, metadata, graphic image files, and in-app items prior to beta releasing them or getting them validated for normal distribution in a Samsung app store.


Log in to Seller Office ( and click Application > My Applications, and then click your app's status Registering.



Enter your app and in-app data and components in the app registration tabs:



App Information Fundamental app data, metadata, graphic image files, age ratings, languages, and support URLs and email addresses
Binary App binary files, distribution devices, and beta test setup
Country & Price App download price, distribution countries, and United States export law compliance
In App Purchase In-app item data (when offered)
Validation Comments to assist the Samsung validation team in evaluating your app and in-app items


Depending on your type of app, you have two registration options:

  • Beta registration and release:
    • You can beta test by registering a beta version of your apps and in-app items, before or after you publish one or more 'normal' versions. 
    • There are two types of beta testing:
      • Open beta test your Android app without in-app items, where anyone you send the beta app download URL can be a beta tester. 
      • Close beta test your Android, Galaxy Watch and Edge apps, with or without in-app items, where you register all closed beta testers and send them the beta app download URL.
    • For details, see Beta Test Your Apps and In-App Items.
  • Normal registration, validation, and release:
    • You can register a normal version of your Android, Edge, Sticker, Galaxy Watch apps, and Theme apps without in-app items.
    • You can register a normal version of your Android and Galaxy Watch apps with in-app items.
    • Submit your app and its in-app items for validation testing.
    • After they pass, they will be released normally.

When registering your beta or normal version apps and in-app items: