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Samsung Developer Program

Add and Review Your Apps

After you have designed and developed your apps and in-app items to meet Samsung policies, requirements, and guidelines, and prepared your apps and in-app items, you can register them in Seller Office. You can then review their status and details, and take appropriate actions, such as managing their promotions, distribution, and your finances.


Add your applications

Adding your app are the first steps in registering it and its in-app items with Seller Office.

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Add New Application.



Select your type of app.

Select the default language you will use to enter app information.

Enter and save app and in-app item information and components (including binary and graphic files).

After you start registering your apps and in-app items, you can temporarily pause and return to complete their registration in Seller Office. You can beta release them without validation. You can submit them for validation testing. After they pass, they are distributed in the Galaxy Apps or Samsung Themes app stores.

For details, see Register Your Applications and In-App Items.


Review your apps and in-app items

After adding apps, the My Applications page is your quick management tool to: determine the status and important details of your apps, and take action to manage your apps and their in-app items.

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Applications > My Application.



  • You can display all or some of your apps by setting filters and clicking Search.
  • Tabs list either: all apps,those being registered or updated, or those that failed validation.
  • Seller Office assigns each app a content ID after your begin registration.
  • The Price field indicates that an app is free or the base $ USD price of a paid app.
  • Registration status links take you to the Add New Application page or Edit Application page to review and change app registration.
  • Validation and Sale status links take you to the Application Details page to review app registration.
  • You can Update, Suspend, Cancel, Delete, or Terminate your apps by clicking action buttons.
  • List elements include:

Application Title icon


Type of app:

 SO_MyAppsUI_NativeAppIcon.png Native app

Sticker app:
A - Phone call stickers
B1 - Contact and message stickers
B2 - Contact, message, and calendar stickers
C - Non-animated stickers for photo and video editing
D - Animated stickers for live camera photos and videos

 SO_MyAppsUI_ThemeIcon.png Theme app

    SO_MyAppsUI_StatAppIcon.png Takes you to the Statistics > Application page to review your app downloads and sales revenue.
    SO_MyAppsUI_DollarIcon.png Takes you to the Country & Price tab to review and change the app's distribution countries and prices.
    SO_MyAppsUI_QuestionIcon.png Takes you to the developer support website to communicate with Samsung support and validation teams.
  Message icon SO_MyAppsUI_MessageIcon.png Takes you to details that the support and validation teams want you to know.
  Validation icon SO_MyAppsUI_CheckTheReason.png Shows a summary of validation test results, with links to the test report and supporting test result videos (see below).
  In-app item
SO_MyAppsUI_IAP Active.png
After suspending a beta or normal release app with in-app items, you can permit users who already have your app to get more in-app items, or prevent them from doing so.
  Last updated SO_MyAppsUI_Date.png Takes you to the app's summary and detailed history.


  • For apps that did not pass validation:
    • Check The Reason button takes you to a popup with results summary information.
    • The popup zip file contains detailed results information and videos.



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