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Samsung Developer Program

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Samsung Seller Office is your online portal to register, test, and manage your free or paid apps and paid in-app items, and to manage your finances.



In Samsung Seller Office (, you can:

  • Register your free and paid Android, Galaxy Watch, and Theme apps.
  • Register their in-app items.
  • Beta test your apps and in-app items.
  • Get your apps and in-app items validated for normal distribution.
  • Manage your apps and in-app items:
    • Promote your apps.
    • Review app downloads, purchases, and sales revenue, and your in-app item purchases and sales revenue.
    • Change your apps and in-app items.
  • Manage your Seller Office account finances.

To access Seller Office and publish your apps and in-app items:

You can get all of these accounts for free.




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