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Samsung Developer Program

User and Customer Feedback and Communication

Review the comments and star ratings that your users and customers entered in your app's product detail page, and respond to them.

You can search for, filter, and sort comments that your users and customers entered in your app's product detail page in the Samsung app store. You can review their messages and favorable star ratings, and respond to them.


To review buyer comments

  1. In a browser, go to the Samsung Seller Office website, and sign in using your Samsung account.
  2. Click Assistance > Buyer Comments.

  3. To see the total number of coupons in the list, click Total Count.
  4. To filter the comments to be listed:
    1. Specify one or more filter criteria:
      Note: Criteria are connected by a logical AND.


      Comments based on the user's country:

      All - Default Any country 

      [Country name] - Only the specified country


      Comments based on the user's mobile device:

      All - Default Any device

      [Device name] - Only the specified device

      Star Rating


      Comments based on the number of favorable full- and half-stars assigned by the buyer (more stars ⇒ more favorable):

      All - Default All number of star ratings

      [Single star rating] - Only those comments assigned the number of stars



      Comments entered by users within the start and stop dates (inclusive)

      To enter a filter time period, either directly enter (yyyy-mm-dd) or click Calendar icon and select the earliest and latest dates.

      Content ID Comments for the specified application ID

      Application Title 


      List coupons based on the name of their app:

      [No entry] - Default All apps with coupons

      [All or part of an app title] - Only those apps with coupons and titles that contain or match the entry
      For details, see step 2 in To generate coupons for a paid Android app.

    2. Click Search.
  5. To sort the coupon list:
    1. Based on app title (A-to-Z or Z-to-A), click [Application Title sort icon].
    2. Based on comment entry time and date (latest-to-earliest or earliest-to-latest), click [Comment sort icon].
    3. Based on number of stars assigned (most-to-least, or least-to-most), click [Star Rating sort icon].
  6. To view other list pages, click First page icon, Previous page icon, Next page icon, or Last page icon.
  7. For a coupon in the list, review its information:

    Application Title 

    Icon, name, and content ID of the app 

    To display the app's Application Detail page, click the [application title].


    Buyer message, buyer username, and date and time of entry (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)

    To add a response after the user's comments in your app's product detail page, click Add Reply, enter your response, and click Send.

    Star Rating Number of favorable full- and half-stars the user assigned to the app (more stars ⇒ more favorable)
    Country Country where the user download the app
    Device Mobile device the app was running on
    Version Release version of the app

  8. To generate a spreadsheet of the listed comments, click Excel.
    The CSV spreadsheet contains the information in the coupon list, and filter settings (when specified).



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