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Samsung Developer Program

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Get information about a wide range of topics (notices, guides, and FAQs), and get your own questions answered.



Seller Office Assistance

You can get information about a wide range of topics and get your questions answered in the Assistance section of Seller Office.

Seller Office Notices

Samsung periodically issues administrative, operating, and UI details that cover a broad range of topics:

  • Publication
    • Requirements and guidelines
    • New SDKs and SDK versions, and SDK integration details
    • Designing and testing your apps
    • Changes to terms and conditions, and to support
  • Seller Office
    • UI features
    • App registration 
    • App validation
    • Financial accounting, both in general and for specific countries
  • Samsung app stores
    • Administration
    • App listing and display

To see the details of a notice click the [notice title].


To navigate between list pages, click Next, Previous, and List.


Seller Office Guides

Download any Seller Office guide in English by clicking ? Guide in any Seller Office page.

Seller Office User Guide App management, download and statistics, financial accounting, promotion, seller support and profile
Commercial Seller Request Guide Getting and managing your commericial Seller Office account
Application Registration Guide Entering app and in-app item information and uploading files to submit the app for validation testing
In-App Purchase Guide Registering and managing in-app items
Validation Guide Phases of validation testing, and the requirements and guidelines in designing and developing your app and in-app items in order to pass validation testing
Age Rating Guide Requirements and guidelines to properly categorize and age rate your app and in-app item content


Download any of the Seller Office guide in English, Chinese, or Korean by clicking Assistance > Guide Download.


Seller Office FAQs

If you have a question not addressed by the guides or the Samsung Developer website, click Assistance > FAQ

You can search for and review the FAQs for all topics, and for specific topics by clicking the FAQ topic line. The latest FAQ is listed first.

To see FAQ details, click a FAQ icon, title, or down arrow.

We can help you even more when you enter your feedback comments and rating and then click SEND.

To see additional FAQs, click VIEW MORE.



Personalized Seller Office Technical Assistance

You can ask the Samsung team a question and we will provide you with the answer, and any follow-on help that you need.

New answers that you have not yet reviewed are marked with an 'N' icon.

To review answers at any time, click the [question listing].

To get more help about an issue, click ADD QUESTION and enter the question (see below).



To ask a new question, click Contact us.


For questions related to your personal information, select Enquiry Type *: (Personal information queries), and sign in to your Samsung account.

Enter the following:

Service *

Samsung Galaxy Apps

All of your questions and issues will be assigned to this service.

Return Email *

Email address the Samsung team will send answers to, in addition to posting in the My Questions page:

Default - Your Seller Office account email address

Custom - Checkmark Click here... and enter another email address.

Enquiry type *

Kind of issue and its related fields:


Issues of types other than those below

Content name Title of app or in-app item


Issue caused by a processing error

Error code
/ message
ID number of the error code or message
Content name Title of app or in-app item
IAP version For in-app item and IAP issues, the version number of IAP

/ Refund

Issues about app and in-app items purchases, coupons, discounts, and refunds

Purchase date Year, month, and day (any format)
Content name * Title of app or in-app item
Buyer ID * ID of purchaser
Suggestions Ways to improve the publication of your apps (for example, registration, validation, promotion, and management)
Personal information queries Issues about your Seller Office account, and other matters related to you
Subject * Brief, descriptive question about the issue

Details *

Description of the issue with important information (for example, the operating environment, what actions led to it, the symptoms), and information specific to each enquiry type, for example:

  • General - PC and browser information
  • Error - PC and browser information
  • Purchase / Refund - Order number, reason for refund
  • Personal information queries - Sign in again to your Samsung account.


0 to 5 files that help explain the issue (maximum: 100 MB each file)

To upload a file, click Attachment, navigate to the file, and click Open.


Click Submit.


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