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Samsung Developer Program

Get and Manage a Samsung Account

Get a Samsung account to access Samsung SDKs and tools to develop your apps, and to get a Seller Office account to publish your apps.

A Samsung account is your gateway in the Samsung ecosystem:

  • To access Galaxy SDKs and documentation to integrate into your apps.
  • To develop Galaxy Watch apps.
  • To develop Theme apps.
  • To get a Seller Office account and publish your apps.


To get a Samsung account

  1. Go to the Samsung Account website (
  2. Click Create one now.
  3. To create your Samsung account:
    1. Based on your Facebook account, click Sign up with Facebook and log in.
    2. Based on your Google account, click Sign up with Google and log in.
    3. Based on your own entries:
      1. Enter your name, email and mailing addresses, date of birth, account password, and phone number.
      2. Select your options.
      3. Click I'm not a robot, and following the instructions in the popup.



To manage your Samsung account


  1. Go to the Samsung Account website ( and click.
  2. Enter your Samsung account email address and password, and click Log in.
  3. Click My Account Info.
  4. To change Samsung account information in your profile:
    1. Change field entries for your account, contact, and additional information.
    2. Select your options.
    3. Click Submit.


  1. To change your country:
    1. Contact the Samsung Account team (




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