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Samsung Developer Program

Publishing Lifecycle


Use these steps to get your apps marketed in the Samsung app stores and enable the sale of your in-app items.


Your apps for Galaxy mobile devices and Galaxy Watch wearable device users undergo the following steps in their publishing lifecycle of the Samsung ecosystem.

Design and Develop

  • Create your Android apps that:
  • Create apps that run on Samsung Android mobile devices:
  • Create apps that run on Galaxy Watch devices:
    • Watch face apps for Galaxy Watch, Gear S, S2, and S3 devices
    • Galaxy Watch apps based on the Tizen OS for Galaxy Watch and Gear wearable devices 

      Note: The Samsung Developer Program supports all Samsung ecosystem app and product developers (including Gear VR app developers) to get to market.
  • Comply with the policies, requirements, and guidelines that govern your apps and their IAP in-app items, and your products.
    Note: App and product binary files and in-app items must meet the policies and requirements in order to be certified for distribution through a Samsung app store.



  • Register your apps and their in-app items with Samsung Seller Office.
  • Get them validated for distribution through Samsung Seller Office.
    Typically, certification involves the following timelines:
    • Android apps
      • Content review and basic functional testing (Duration: One business day).
        If passed, your app will be provisionally publishedin the Galaxy Store.
        If not passed, you will be notified.
      • Full functional testing for all compatible groups post release (Duration: One week).
        If not passed by any testing, app publishing will be suspended only for the affected device groups**, and you will be notified.
        If passed by all testing, your app remains published.

    • Watch face and watch apps, Theme products, and Edge panel products
      • Content review and basic functional testing (Duration: Three business days).
        If passed, your app will be publishedin the Galaxy Store.
        If not passed, you will be notified.

*Your app or product will be provisionally or fully published immediately in the Samsung Galaxy Store, unless you specify a future date for publication during registration.

**Android apps are sequentially subjected to testing on each user device group (based on device screen resolution) to be tested. If an app fails any test for a device group, app publishing is suspended for that device group, which means that users with devices in that group cannot purchase and download the app.

  • Manage the distribution of your apps, products, and in-app items through Samsung Seller Office.




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