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Samsung Developer Program

App Management

Manage your apps from the My Applications page: filter or search for an app, view and alter the status of your apps, and review and update your apps.

App management includes filtering or searching for an app, viewing and changing the status of your apps, and reviewing and updating your apps.

All tasks can be performed from the My Applications page. To go to the My Applications page:

  1. Log in to Samsung Seller Office (how to log in to Samsung Seller Office).
  2. From the Seller Office home screen, go to Applications > My Applications.
  3. Applications_MyApplications_Top.png

The following information is displayed for each app:

Content ID

App identifier issued by Samsung Seller Office.

Application Title

Icon, title name, and functional icons of the app.


Type of app distribution and the standard USD price of paid apps:

  • Free - The app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps or Samsung Themes Store without a user payment.

  • USD ($) - The app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps or Samsung Themes Store after the user makes a payment.

    The listed price is the standard USD price in United States of America dollars. This price and the current daily rate of exchange for each country determine the default country-specific prices, which can be overridden by other factors.

    Each country-specific price can also be set by the user, a country minimum price, or a carrier tier price (when phone bill payment is applied).


Current processing state and sub-state of the app. See App Status for more information.

Last Updated

Date, in local time and format, when app information was most recently changed. Click the date to view the app's history of status changes.


To generate a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet of all apps in the current tab, click Excel. If the list of apps in the current tab is contained on more than one page, all apps on all pages for the current tab are included in the spreadsheet.


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