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Samsung Developer Program

What to Do Next

After making entries in all required fields in your app registration, the Submit button turns red.

You can then submit your application for validation testing by Samsung, which consists of two processes:

  1. Pre-validation processing is an automated review of the application binary files, which typically takes about 30 minutes.
  2. After the automated review, you will receive the results through email notification.
  3. If the application passes pre-validation:
    1. The app is then provisionally distributed.
      In-app items (when offered) are fully supported.
    2. The app and its in-app items (when registered) undergo validation testing conducted by Samsung technicians, which typically takes  from one to two weeks.
    3. After validation testing, you will receive the results through email notification.
    4. If the app and its in-app items pass, they will continue to be distributed.
    5. If the app or its in-app item do not pass:
      1. The app will be suspended from distribution.
      2. In-app item offering and sales will no longer be supported.

For details about submitting and managing the validation of your apps and in-app items, see Validation through Seller Office.