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Samsung Developer Program

How to Register Your Gear App

The steps to take to enter information and files about your Gear apps, Gear watch face apps, and their in-app items into Seller Office.
  1. Ensure you have met all Registration Prerequisites. This includes previewing the procedures and identifying information you need.

    All fields are described in Gear App Registration Fields.
  2. Log in to Samsung Seller Office (how to log in to Samsung Seller Office).
  3. Add a New Gear App.
  4. Complete the required fields in the tabs of your app (information for each tab can be entered in any order, except where noted):

    Caution: If you leave a tab without saving your changes or are automatically logged out of Seller Office (after 20 minutes of inactivity), information that has not been saved is lost.

    In the tabs that offer the following features, Samsung recommends that you:

    • View additional information about each field, by clicking [Show Tip] On.
    • ​​​​​​View all fields, by clicking [Mode] Advanced.

    For tabs with checkmarks, a green checkmark indicates all required fields for the tab are completed. A gray checkmark indicates that required fields are missing information.

When the Submit button changes from gray to red, your app is ready for validation. If you have configured your app for beta testing, the Submit Beta Test button changes from gray to blue-green. If you click a gray button, a popup displays the information that needs to be entered before the app can be submitted.

Your app is registered when all tabs with checkmarks have green checkmarks and your app can be submitted for validation. Continue to App Validation through Seller Office.



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