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Samsung Developer Program

Paid App Discounts

You can promote your paid Android, Galaxy Watch face, and Theme apps by setting lower app download prices for one or more distribution countries.


For each paid app being normally distributed, you can specify a discount set with one or more app download price discounts of the following types:

  • A single discount percentage of your app's standard price that applies to one or more distribution countries
  • Separate lower fixed prices that apply to one or more distribution countries
  • Lower phone bill prices when users can pay by phone bill

You specify the time period for each discount set. Discounts apply to all of the app's distribution devices available in the discounted distribution countries.

Note: The discounted prices displayed when you register a discount set will be the prices for the entire duration of the discount time period. Discounted prices are based on the exchange rates at the time the discount set is registered. It is possible that actual discount percentages when customers purchase your app will change due to exchange rate fluctuations.

This section contains fundamental information. For more details, see Paid App Discounts.


Register a new discount set

You can add a new discount set to a paid app in the 'For Sale' state that is not submitted for 'Updating' and does not have other 'Waiting' or 'Ongoing' discount sets.

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Promotion > Discounts.



Click Add New Discounts.

Enter the app title by clicking Search Application and searching for and selecting it in the popup.

To see all apps that can have discounts, click Search.
To filter apps that can have discounts, enter the filter information and click Search.
Note: Only apps that can have new discounts are listed.

After selecting an app, click Save.



Set the start and end dates of the discount period.
The start date can be the next day or later when you register the discount set before 23:00:00 GMT. Otherwise, the start date can be two days after the current date or later.

Review the current base USD price and local prices of your app.

Set a percentage discount and/or fixed lower price discounts:
Note: When setting a percentage discount and fixed lower price discounts, first set the percentage discount.

To set a percentage discount and apply it to one or more distribution countries:

Set the Standard Discount Rate.

Checkmark one or more countries.

Click Auto Input.

Verify that the discounted prices are correct.

To set only fixed lower prices without a percentage discount:
Note: If you set a percentage above, do not perform this step.

Set the Standard Discount Rate: (0) %.

Click Auto Input.

To set separate fixed lower prices for one or more distribution countries:

Checkmark the country.

To set a lower price that is not a phone bill price, enter the lower base price in the local currency.

To set a lower phone bill price:

Checkmark Apply Phone Bill.

Select the lower phone bill price that is available.

Click Confirm.

Review and change discount sets

You can review all registered discount sets, and change 'Waiting' and OnGoing' discount sets.

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Promotion > Discounts.

If necessary, filter the number of discount sets displayed.

Review the summary information of the listed discount sets, including:

Status Current operational state of the discount set:

Waiting - Discounts are not yet being applied, but will be later.
OnGoing - Discounts are currently being applied.
Ended - Discounts have expired and are not being applied.


Review the details of a discount set:

Click the discount set's [Application Title].


Review the detail about the discount set, including:


Discount Price

Discount Rate (%) - Percentage discount
Note: This does not apply to countries with lower fixed prices. 

Country - Prices listings
For each country: currency code, and original and discounted app download price
Country discount prices are either:

  • Discount rate times the app's standard price, when a lower fixed price is not entered
  • Lower fixed price, when manually entered

To change a discount set:

  • For 'Waiting' discount sets, you can change any entry except the Application Title.
  • For 'OnGoing' discount sets, you can only change the end date.

In the Discounts page, click the discount set's [Application Title].

In the Discount Details page, click Edit.

Change the discount set as necessary.

Click Save.



Stop a discount set

You can stop 'Waiting' and 'OnGoing' discount sets from being applied.

Caution: You cannot reactivate or reapply discount sets after stopping them.

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Promotion > Discounts.

To stop applying all of the discounts in a discount set:

Click the discount set entry [Application Title].


Review the discount set details, including the discount percentage and lower local prices.

Click Discount Termination and Yes in the termination popup.


To review details about the termination, click View.

To permanently remove a discount set, checkmark the entry, click Delete, and click Yes in the popup.