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Samsung Developer Program

Paid Android App Coupons

You can promote your paid Android apps by having Samsung generate coupon codes and sending them to potential customers, who redeem them to download your paid app for free.


For each paid Android app that is normally distributed, you can generate coupon codes (also referred to as vouchers) for one or more distribution countries, up to a total of 5,000 coupons. Any time your app has fewer than 5,000 'Waiting' or 'Usable' coupons, you can generate new coupons for any country.

Your coupons' app must be in the 'For Sale' state, not have an 'Updating' submission, and not have any 'Waiting' or 'OnGoing' discount sets.

You must manage sending coupon codes to your customers (for example, in your marketing emails), and inform your customers that they enable free download, and how to redeem them.

Note: To redeem coupons, customers must have an Android device and a Samsung account with a credit card registered. However, the credit card will not be charged.

Each coupon code is valid and can be redeemed:

  • After the generation waiting period (typically 24 hours) and before the coupon's end date.
  • Is in the 'Usable' status at the time of redemption.
  • By a customer who is in the coupon's country at the time of redemption.

After a coupon code has been redeemed one time, it becomes invalid.

After you delete distribution countries with valid coupon codes, they become invalid.

All of an app's coupon codes become invalid:

  • After the coupon's end date.
  • After you change the coupon's app from a paid app to a free app.
  • After you or Samsung suspend distribution of the coupon's app.
  • After you end your Seller Office account.

This section contains fundamental information. For more details, see Paid Android App Coupons.


Generate coupons

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Promotion > Coupon.


Click Add New Coupon.



Select the app to have coupons by clicking Search Application.

To display all Android apps that can have coupons, click Search.

To filter the apps, enter the filter criteria and click Search.

Navigate to the listed app, click the app's radio button, and click Save.

Specify coupon details:

Coupon Period *


Directly enter (yyyy-mm-dd) or click the Calendar icon and select the time period that all generated coupon codes can be redeemed (in the 'Usable' state):

[Start date] - Beginning date at midnight (00:00:00)
The start date can be one day after the day you generate the coupons (tomorrow) or later.

[End date] - Stopping date at midnight (24:00:00)
The end date can be the start date or up to 10 weeks (70 days) after the start date.

Number of Coupons per Country *

For each distribution country, the number of coupon codes to be generated


Generate the coupons by clicking Issue.
It can take up to 24 hours for the coupons to be redeemable.


Review coupons

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Promotion > Coupon.

Click Promotion > Coupon.


To see the total number of coupons in the list, click Total Count.

To see only some of the coupons, set one or more filter criteria:


List coupons based on the country they can be redeemed in:

All - Default Any country 

[Country name] - Only the specified country

Coupon Status


List coupon codes based on their current operational state:

All - Default Coupons in any state

Waiting - Coupons that cannot be redeemed now, but can be on the coupon start date

Usable - Coupons that can currently be redeemed

Expired - Coupons that cannot be redeemed because it is past their end date

Terminated - Coupons that cannot be redeemed because you changed the coupon's app to a free app, you added or deleted one or more of the coupon app's distribution countries, or you or Samsung suspended distribution of the coupon's app

Used - Coupons that have been redeemed by a customer



List coupon codes based on the specified filter time period and the following factors:

All - Default Coupons without any date restrictions
A filter time period does not need to be specified and will not be applied when specified.

Coupon period - Coupons that have their entire usable period within the specified filter time period

Usable Dates - Coupons with a start date within the specified filter time period

Expiration Date - Coupons with an end date within the specified filter time period

To enter a filter time period, either directly enter (yyyy-mm-dd) or click Calendar icon and select the earliest and latest dates.

Application Title 


List coupon codes based on the name of their app:

[No entry] - Default All apps with coupons

[All or part of an app title] - Only those apps with coupons and titles that contain or match the entry


Click Search.

Review the coupon list:


To sort the coupon list based on app title (A-to-Z or Z-to-A), click [Application Title sort icon].

To generate a spreadsheet of the listed coupons, click Excel.


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