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Distribute In-App Items

How to submit your in-app items for validation testing in order to make them available to your Samsung IAP or Galaxy Watch IAP integrated app users


In order for the Samsung ecosystem to support the offering and sale of in-app items in your Android and Galaxy Watch apps that integrate Samsung IAP or Galaxy Watch IAP, the app and its in-app items must be submitted for and pass validation testing. Submission of both can be done at the same time, or it can be done separately at different times. You can submit in-app items after your app is being distributed.

To make registered in-app items available to users:

  • Registration of the in-app items is complete.
  1. If the items' app has not been validated for distribution:
    1. Complete the registration of the app and all of its in-app items.
      For app registration details, see App Registration through Seller Office.
    2. Submit your app and all of its in-app items to be validated for distribution by clicking Submit Beta Test (beta distribution) or Submit (normal distribution).
  2. If the item's app is already being distributed, submit the new in-app item to be validated for distribution, by clicking Submit Beta Test or Submit.


    For details, see App Validation through Seller Office.
  3. After your  app and its in-app items have been validated and are being distributed, you can manage them.
    For details, see App Management through Seller Office.


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