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Samsung Developer Program

Generate an always-on watch face

The Galaxy Watch Designer automatically generates an always-on version of your watch face. Because the always-on version, or state, is set as low-power mode, color representation is restricted. Design your own always-on watch face with a limited number of features and functions to accommodate color restriction. For always-on states, your design must use no more than 15% of available pixels.

New: Before a build, Galaxy Watch Designer checks always-on states to determine pixel usage.

  • If an always-on state uses more than 15% of available pixels, build process is suspended. 
  • If the always-on state exceeds 15% of available pixels temporarily, the watch face build process is completed. However, when you register the watch in the app store, the always-on state will likely be rejected during the quality verification process.

There are two different color schemes:

  • Low-bit color: The always-on state uses only cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue, and white at full brightness. Gray scales and gradients cannot be used.
  • High color: The high-color state has no color limitations, so the corresponding active versions of your watch face can be replicated more closely. 
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