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Samsung Developer Program

Add animation

Put your unique spin on a watch face design by adding animation.

PNG sequences 

Restrictions: GWD can use PNG images only to create GWD animation sequences. By default, animations run at 15 fps.

  1. Use a separate design program to create your own sequence of PNG images to use for animation.
  2. Click Component > Animation. From the Import Animation dialog, select the images to use in your PNG sequence, and click Yes to open the browser.
  3. From your browser, select the PNG files to be used in an animation sequence, and click Open to import the sequence as an animation.
  4. The PNG images are added as individual layers in an ordered timeline. You can edit the animation sequence by changing the order of the images or by changing the length of time that an image is shown.
  5. Run the animation to check that it works correctly.
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