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Samsung Developer Program

Add a Free Trial Period

You can add a trial period to allow users to try your watch face before they buy it.

Note: The device must be running Tizen or higher. Otherwise, when using a trial period, the watch face may not work properly on the device.




Before adding a trial, you need to edit the following settings:

Edit In-App Purchase settings

  1. From the GWD toolbar, click the In App Purchase Settings icon. 

  2. From the popup, click the Enable In App Purchase checkbox.

  3. From the Option dropdown, select what happens when a trial expires.
  4. Set the duration of the trial period (the minimum setting is one minute), and click OK.

Edit the IAP test settings

  1. From the GWD toolbar, click Project > Build
  2. From the IAP Test Mode dropdown, select Commercial.
  3. Upload your watch face to the Galaxy Store.

Note: Before adding you watch face to the Galaxy Store, be sure to add some information about the trial period before the watch face becomes available for sale. 

For more information, see Build & Uploading.

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