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Generate an Always-On Watch Face

You can generate an always-on version of your watch face in the Galaxy Watch Designer. Because the always-on version, or state, is set as low-power mode, color representation is restricted and only shows key components. Design your own always-on watch face with a limited number of features and functions to accommodate color restriction. And, because the display updates only once every minute, do not show a second hand or other real-time information.

For always-on states, your design must use no more than 15% of available pixels. When a build is initiated, Galaxy Watch Designer checks always-on states to determine pixel usage.

  • If an always-on state uses more than 15% of available pixels, the build process is suspended. 
  • If the always-on state exceeds 15% of available pixels temporarily, the watch face build process is completed. However, when you register the watch in the app store, the always-on state will likely be rejected during the quality verification process.

There are two different color modes available, depending on the device type and Galaxy Watch Designer version:

  • Low-bit color: This mode uses only cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue, and white at full brightness. Gray scales and gradients cannot be used. Anti-aliasing is not supported, therefore images may be pixilated. All devices support this mode. You cannot configure this mode using Galaxy Watch Designer 1.7.0 or higher.
  • High color: This mode has no color limitations, so the corresponding active versions of your watch face can be replicated more closely. High color mode is available on Gear S3 or newer devices. On an unsupported device, a high color design is displayed in low-bit color or the basic always-on watch face.

For more information, see Watch Face States.

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