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Use Conditional Lines

Design your watch face elements to show different components based on certain conditions, such as time of day. 

Time of day

Change the look of your watch face depending on the time of day.

  1. From Component > Background, select three different images. Each image creates a new layer under Timeline.
  2. Set time periods.
    1. For the "BG_morning" image, select the starting frame (1 in the following image), then drag to the end of the range of time during which you want to hide this image (2 in the following image).
      Note: Use the Scale selector in the lower right corner to change the time unit.
    2. Right-click the frame area, and click Hide. The BG_morning image will not appear on the watch face from 00:01 to 05:59.
    3. Select the time during which you want the BG_morning image to show; for example, 06:00 to 11:59. Right-click Show.
  3. Set the BG_afternoon and BG_evening images to times during which you do not want them to show, and select Hide. Then set these images to the times you want them appear, and click Show.

12- and 24-hour versions 

You can use conditional lines to add both 12-hour and 24-hour formats in one watch face app. The format changes according to the format you set on your watch face.

  1. Under Component, select two Digital Clocks.
    1. (Conditional) Under Properties, give each digital clock a meaningful name, such as 12-hour.
    2. Under Properties > Type, ensure the correct ICU format corresponds with each clock. The 12-hour format is h : mm a, and the 24-hour format is HH : mm : ss.
    3. Place them both in the same position on the watch face.
  2. Click + next to Timeline, and add 12H/24H to the conditional lines.
  3. Highlight, right-click, and Activate each layer. Then show or hide the corresponding layer, according to the digital clock format.

Step count

Configure the watch face to track and update a user's step count throughout the day to show the percentage of steps taken toward the user's daily goal.

  1. From Component > Complications > Workout, select a step type. This example shows the Steps_Digital type.
  2. Click + next to Timeline, and add Steps % to the conditional lines.
  3. Right-click a frame area, then click Activate
    The moment a frame area, or layer, is activated, it starts to change and update according to the user's step count.
  4. Show or hide layers, as shown in Time of day.


The Loop feature allows you to set a sequence to show and hide specific components on a watch face and set the sequence to repeat, or loop, continually. For example, you can change your background images based on conditions you set, such as showing a new background every five minutes, or changing the background based on the time of day. 

The following example shows how to change background images every hour.


  1. From Component > Background, select five different images. Each image creates a new layer under Timeline.
  2. Set the sequence. For each layer, or background image, select the hour in which you want the image to show, and hide the other four hours.
    Note: To show the entire sequence from beginning to end, start the sequence at 00:00:00.
  3. To repeat the cycle, select each layer (1 in the following image). Then, from the context popup, select Loop (2).
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